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“Wyn Jones is an act with 30 years of performing as a professional entertainer under his belt. His silky skills and mind-blowing mentalism are all wrapped up in a comedy blanket. Whether for the fast-paced and energetic family holiday parks or for a more sedate after-dinner cabaret he doesn’t just do magic, he entertains. If you’re looking for quick-witted banter, clever engaging routines, plus the flexibility to adapt to any situation then Wyn is your man. A proper ‘variety’ act with comedy, magic, mentalism, ventriloquism, and on occasions escapology and impressions too. He can work as a wandering close-up magician, perform his hilarious cabaret act, and include compering/presenting too. With gags to amuse and tricks to amaze, with Wyn, you really have the joker in the pack.”

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