We don’t just train, we retain

Vern Allen Group has been responsible for training resident entertainers for over 10 years. Each member of our training and development team has a background in performing arts, recruitment and coaching. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard when it comes to tutoring and our talent retention level shows we achieve this year on year.

Our training program is always tailored to client requirements, ensuring your entertainment team members are not only prepared for the role but understand your company, your brand and your mission statement. Through years of development, we understand the role is not just about singing and dancing, so we provide your team with the skills to be the face of your business.

We can supply resident entertainers that will arrive with our full support and receive ongoing training to ensure they understand not only current health and safety legislation and customer service but they will also receive, if required, detailed and specific training on sound and lighting equipment already installed at your park, presenting and hosting techniques, bingo applications, daytime event planning, programme structure, game shows and children’s entertainment.

We also provide fully produced shows that come with costumes, props, scenery, vocal coaching, choreography and vocal arrangements. These shows can be supplied bespoke to your ideas or simply as an ‘off the shelf’ order. Whichever way you do it we make sure that the show you are provided is unique to you and has not/will not be replicated at other sites. The shows can be tailored to suit team size, individual team skills and stage size ensuring the show(s) you have can achieve their maximum potential.

Training modules and services

  • Show production
  • Sound and lighting training (use of already installed equipment)
  • Prop and scenery making
  • Health and safety training
  • Stage management
  • Game show construction
  • Presenting / Hosting
  • Children’s entertainment
  • DJ’ing
  • Vocal coaching, including understanding harmonies
  • Bingo rules, regulations, figures
  • Party dances
  • Daytime events
  • Rota planning
  • Time management
  • Team building/morale
  • Customer service

These modules can take anything from 1 hour to a whole day. Specific training can be given to each individual dependent upon skill/knowledge levels. After a training period, the aim is to have the whole team up and around the same level of skill or knowledge on each of the topics above, although we appreciate some individuals may already be highly skilled in some areas already.

The beauty of a training package that is bespoke to any certain team member is that we are not wasting time on going over old ground, we simply fill in the gaps so you end up, hopefully, with a fully functioning team that is known across the board in all topics.