Conference AV

AV Support for Conference and Meetings…

Whatever individual requirements you may have for your conference or event, we work with you to make it happen smoothly, professionally and creatively. Our services include set design to your specifications (bespoke also available) to complete technical support prior to, and during, your event. We can handle the very largest events and productions, but also the smaller more intimate conference or meeting, all with the same degree of commitment and professionalism.

We offer state of the art technology combined with experienced professionals. From the backroom planning and preparation team to the onsite technical crew we realise that your success is our success; only if your event meets, or exceeds, your expectations can we consider our job done – an incentive for any company and we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver…time after time.

Customer service is lost if the quality of equipment is lacking. This is not a problem that we have! Any combination of top-notch HD/wide screen/ultra widescreen/projection/recording/audio/public address, etc. etc. is available, from a single microphone and projection package to a full all singing and dancing bespoke experience, all with the ultimate aim of presenting your company in the very best image.

Bespoke stage sets

Do you have a corporate theme? If so, you might consider a totally unique bespoke stage set, designed and constructed with your company message contained within its very structure.

This can take the form of a relatively minor personalisation of our stock stage, to a complete new build of anything your mind can come up with, offering a truly unique presentation. Our team will work with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality during design, construction, preparation and at the event itself, offering the very best technical support throughout.

Stock Stage Sets

Stages are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, available for both indoor and outdoor events. From small podiums to full outdoor covered stages, we can also provide power distribution, public address systems and lighting from a simple stage flood to a full computer controlled concert lighting rig.

Company banners and branding can be added to support your company image and, once again, our team will work with you to provide the right stage for your event.

Multi-screen and ultra-widescreen stage sets

For larger conferences and events a combination of screens allow more people to view the images and help get your message across. But a multi screen stage set can also be used creatively, adding impact to your presentation; different images can be shown on the same screen at the same time, or even different images on different screens…the possibilities are endless.

With our state of the art equipment all of this can be in HD and tailored to your own particular brief, helping your company to achieve the best possible professional image.