Speciality Acts

A vibrant, visual feast on the menu? Speciality means exactly what it says on the tin, it’s special…it’s unique…it’s a head-turner! Made up of Jugglers, Ventriloquists, Unicyclists, Mime Artists, Street Performers, Human Statues, Fire-Eaters, etc. It’s that item on the menu that is normally classed as an ‘extra’. However, in recent years speciality acts have risen to main course status due to successes on reality TV shows and these style acts are increasing in popularity.

Gone are the days when these acts were limited to village fairs and festivals, this type of entertainment is a sure fire way of getting your event noticed! More and more ‘street’ performers have now adapted their acts to be stage and cruise ship friendly and more importantly they have transformed into acts enjoyed by all ages.

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The Balloonatic

Circus Bezercus

Costumed Dancers

Paul Burling

Charlie Chaplin

Wishy Washy

Jimmy Tamley

Steve Arnold

Phil Blackmore

Urban/Sport Entertainment

Jen Allen (Speed Painter)

Aerial Artiste

Jay Rawlings