Technical Production

Staging Structures

Stage 1

Stage 1 is a 6x3m structure that can be built on legs that are either 1ft, 2ft, or 3ft in height.

This structure is suitable for audiences of up to 300 people and is big enough for up to a 6 piece band. It takes 2 people around 1.5 hours to build this stage.

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Stage 2

Stage 2 is a 6x4m structure that can be built on legs that are either 1ft, 2ft or 3ft in height.

The structure is suitable for audiences of up to 500 people and is big enough for up to a 10 piece band. It takes 4 people around 1.5 hours to build this stage.

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Custom banners and scrims can be printed for either stage which is a great branding opportunity. Sides a backdrop is also supplied with both stages to provide as much shelter as possible in the event of bad weather. Both stages come with a full risk assessment.

Trailer Stage 

We are very excited to announce that we have purchased a brand new stage ready for the 2020 season.

Our new trailer stage is 7x6m which gives a surface area of 42m2, which is almost double the amount of space you get on the 6x4m structure. This structure can also come with PA wings (extra charge) which can be seen in the second picture. Custom banners or scrims can be printed for the PA wings which is a great branding opportunity. The deck can be any height between 1-1.2m.

It takes 1 person approximately 30 mins to build this stage (2 people 45 mins if using PA wings) so can be put up and taken down a lot quicker than the other structures. It is a full risk assessed stage and comes with a number of safety documents from the manufacturer.

The back and side scrims allow it to be used in wet weather and it is safe to be used in wind speeds of up to 40mph.

Technical Production

Audio Systems

We use Electrovoice, Dynacord and d&b auditechnik PA systems. We have a range of systems that can suit any audience size from 50 – 5000 people. We stock a wide range of microphones and have both analogue and digital mixing desks.
We can create an audio package that works for you. Whether it’s a solo vocalist or a 12 piece band, we have the equipment and know-how to enable us to support artistes with their performance. We will work with you from the beginning to ensure that we are providing equipment that is best suited to your needs.

Lighting System

You can have anything from a simple stage wash (Good for day time events) through to a fully controlled light show (best suited to events where it’s dark or indoors).

We use industry-standard brands such as Chauvet, Martin, Showtec, Ledj, and ADJ. For lighting control, we use Avolites and have team members who have attended Avolites training courses and subsequently are ‘Avolites Certified Programmers’ meaning that they have some of the best knowledge in the UK of how the system works. This enables us to provide a high-quality show regardless of how big or small it is.

Special FX

Cold Spark Machines

Our cold spark machines are a fantastic solution for wanting ‘safe pyrotechnics’. They operate at a safe temperature and only require a 1m safety zone. There is also no requirement for training prior to use meaning that they are a brilliant bit of kit that can be used on various events to create that ‘wow’ factor.

Confetti Cannons

We have 2 types of confetti cannons. The first is an air compressed cannon. This cannon is only suitable for either outdoor events or large venues. We will only send this out with an operator due to various health and safety risks that can present themselves as a result of improper use. A second type is a fan-based machine which can be used in pretty much any venue and does not require an operator.

*Biodegradable confetti is available upon request

Snow machines

These are a fantastic effect that can create a beautiful ‘snow scene’ for photographs or can be good fun to use over the festive period for events such as a Santa’s grotto or Christmas party.

Production Support

We will attend all pre-show meetings/site visits as required.

All of our technicians have at least 4 years experience so know exactly what is expected of them during the build, operation and strike of a show.

During the show, the production manager will constantly monitor the weather to ensure that the right decisions are made.

It is of paramount importance that the weather is monitored properly for the safety of everyone involved at the event and to keep everyone’s equipment safe.

We will keep an eye on the weather forecast in the days leading up to the event so that we are as prepared as we possibly can be. Whilst on site we will use an Anemometer to monitor the wind speed and if we are expecting high wind speeds we will do what we can to combat this prior to the event.

In the run-up to your event, you can contact your designated production manager at any time to request any changes or add-ons to your agreed package.

Whilst on-site we will take all responsibility for the safety and security of our equipment.

Health and Safety

Health and safety of an event is of paramount importance to us.

Our team will play an active role in assisting you with event safety planning to ensure that all of our systems are installed, used and removed in a safe manner.

In our 34 years of trading, we have never had any RIDDOR reportable accidents, near misses or an improvement/prohibition order served on the company or any member of our staff.

We believe that proper training is an integral part of being a safe and reputable company which is why all of our production managers are IOSH and first aid trained.

We also are proud to say that all members of staff are fully trained to work at heights and have a safety passport.

Some members of the team also have an IPAF licence and a PLASA National Rigging Certificate and we ensure that we use team members with the appropriate qualifications to carry out the task at hand.