If it’s choice and flexibility you’re after, a solo male or female vocalist is just the ticket. Under normal circumstances a solo vocal performer will have an extensive repertoire that covers all styles.

We represent a wide selection of vocalists that all have their own particular style and material so pinpointing an act to suit you is made all the easier!

You may even want to explore a particular style of music? Like bands, solo vocalists can also come packaged with era or style in mind, so whether you’ve got an 80’s night, a country and western party or a Las Vegas theme party…we can offer a themed solo vocal to fit the bill.

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Lois Lonsdale

Darren Darren

Terrie May

I’m Every Whitney

Rebecca Chew

Vocals Attract Duo

Dave Jerome

Keeping it Kylie

Lucie Page

Linzie Wishart

Chloe Hawkins

Mike Ritchie

Sean Johnson

Lisa Winwood

Stevie Jay Johnson

Lisa Walker

Sarah Skeet

Danny King

Duncan Heather

Debbie Farrell

Chris Quammie

Chris Ritchie

Jodie Yang Cooper

Lyndsey Cooper


Vici Jo


The Humming Birds

The Senzationz

Thomas Cameron

Nathan Connor

Shelley Smith

Sylvia McEwan

Holly Cosgrove

Jay James

Matt Morgan


Brass Lyrical

Caz Krelle

Crystal Thorne

Duane AJ

Jake Myles

Joe Stone

Paul Sylvester

Strings and Roundabouts

Buble Tribute

Bella Voci

Station 2 Station

Darren Lake

Best Of Boy Bands

Suzy Hopwood

Paul Fordham

Shaun Perry

Sam De La Haye

Ruby Washington

The Basetones

Matt Baker

Sarah Yeo

Anthony Jay

Station Road

Sam Wrey